The Value Of A Remodel

The Value Of A Remodel – From CAR’s One Cool Thing! The Lawhead Team would like to share the latest One Cool Thing from the California Association of Realtors about the value of a remodel. A recent resurgence of several big ticket projects including attic bedroom and basement remodels with average prices tags of $49,438 […]

Redecorating Tips For Your Home

After you do your spring cleaning, you may want to start redecorating your home. Check out our great home redecorating tips you can do to your home today. Comment on the blog and let us know which redecorating tip you are going to take advantage of: If you’d like your nightstands or end tables to […]

5 Top Home Remodel Fixes

Remodel tips for the not so perfect home. Is your home in the perfect location but the layout isn’t quite what you would picture as “ideal”? The Lawhead Team has some helpful remodel tips. If you bought your home at the right time, chances are renovations made to your home will only make your value […]

Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement for your home. The Lawhead Team came across some helpful tips on home improvement from US Bank. When looking to make home improvement projects to your home, knowing what projects will be the most cost-effective and valuable will help benefit you in the long run if you decide to sell. Update your home […]

Simple and Easy Home Improvement Tips

Home Improvement Tips from The Lawhead Team. We know that your home is your haven and a place you want to keep looking its best as it is a reflection of who you are. We have found a few simple and easy solutions to making the best of your space in your home however big […]