Remodel tips for the not so perfect home.

Is your home in the perfect location but the layout isn’t quite what you would picture as “ideal”? The Lawhead Team has some helpful remodel tips.

If you bought your home at the right time, chances are renovations made to your home will only make your value go up. Remodel efficiently by modifying existing space where it is feasible or building up rather than out. Check out some tips to remodel your home the smart way:

  1. If you don’t have a first floor restroom in your two-story home, you may be able to fit in a half bath in a small four by four foot area. Do you have a large coat closet or under stair cubby that you don’t necessarily need? That might be the best spot for your extra half bath.
  2. Your master bedroom may not be so “master” to you. The remodel solution is to steal another bedroom to expand your bath, closet, or main part of your bedroom.
  3. Expand your home by building a remodel over the garage. This may not be the least expensive of choices, as you will need to remove the roof, beef up your structure, and then build a whole new roof on top of your new room. It does, however, save you from digging a whole new foundation if you were to add a room on the ground floor.
  4. remodelIf you are in need of an extra bedroom, this may not be as costly as you imagined. An extra bedroom remodel does not require plumbing, tiling or appliances other rooms do. If your attic is large enough, this may be the best place to make your new extra room!
  5. Is your kitchen too closed off or small? Since the kitchen is the main hub of a home, a kitchen remodel will likely pay off if done correctly. Try removing the wall between the dining room and the kitchen which can make room for a peninsula or island.