We Hope You Had A Spooktacular Halloween!

The Lawhead Team’s Halloween evening! The Lawhead Team wanted to share pictures of their grandchildren’s Halloween outfits. Here’s our Halloween collage from left to right: Sydney and her friend Maddy, Evan the werewolf, Olivia the pumpkin, Spencer the ghost, Keegan the soldier and Evan and Spencer!

Must Know Halloween Safety Tips

It finally feels like Fall and Halloween is just around the corner! The Lawhead Team would like to share some safety tips for the Halloween season for your home: Use LED or battery operated candles instead of candles with a live flame. These are much safer however you should still make sure they don’t come […]

Halloween Safety Tips For Your Trick or Treaters

Happy Halloween from The Lawhead Team!! We hope everyone enjoys their Halloween and has fun Trick or Treating with the kids!  We would like to share some Halloween “Trick or Treat” tips. Only carry flexible props, such as knives, swords, ninja items, etc., that can’t cause injury if a kid accidentally falls. No play prop […]

Fire Safety Tips For Halloween

Fire safety tips for Halloween night and season. Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to get your costumes ready and take the kids out to trick or treat!  The Lawhead Team always encourages safety and we would like to share some fire prevention tips for the Halloween season. These Halloween Fire […]