November’s Sales and Price Report for 2020

November 2020 in California was a killer month with real estate hitting some record numbers! The Lawhead Team would like to share November’s home sales statistics for California. Stay tuned for December’s coming shortly also! If you are thinking of selling, now is the time!!

It’s Hot In California

Real Estate is hot in California The Lawhead Team would like to share the latest “One Cool Thing” to let you know where the hottest markets in California real estate are happening. 

Home Is Never Far Away

How far do renters move when they buy a home? The Lawhead Team would like to share the latest “One Cool Thing” from California Association of Realtors® about going from renting a home to buying a home: The majority of renters who plan to purchase a home soon don’t expect to move far when they […]

Chinese Investors Are Seeking California Homes

California is attracting Chinese buyers. The Lawhead Team recently came across an interesting article from the San Diego Daily Transcript about Chinese buyers being attracted to homes in California. Here is what it said: Chinese investors seek California homes. By DEAN CALBREATH, The Daily Transcript — Thursday, June 19, 2014 With China’s real estate bubble […]

California’s Real Estate Surge

It is tough to find reasonable priced real estate along California’s coast. The Lawhead Team recently came across an interesting article from Forbe’s about the many reasons California’s real estate continues to stay priced high: Playing The Surge In California Real Estate From (Ross Gerber, Contributor) On its face, the real estate environment seems like it’s […]

Are You Living In One Of America’s Most Overpriced Cities?

Did you know California has nine of the top 20 overpriced cities in America? The Lawhead Team would like to share below an article from Forbes about the top overpriced cities in America. Is it any surprise California contains almost half of them? Excerpts from “America’s Most Overpriced Cities” can be found at Forbe’s website. […]

California – Top Reasons Californians Bought Homes In 2013

Why did most California dwellers purchase homes in 2013? The Lawhead Team would like to share an Infograph on the latest reasons those in California are buying homes. Most Californians bought in 2013 mainly because of low home prices. Just in 2013 alone, 38% of those in California bought primarily because of price reductions. While […]

Mortgage Deal Could Bring Billions In Relief

Mortgage deal could bring billions in relief. On Thursday, federal and state officials announced a $26 billion foreclosure settlement mortgage deal with five of the largest home lenders. California is expected to receive approximately $12 billion in principal write-downs, including through short sales, over the next three years, according to the state attorney general’s office. […]