Summer is at and end and it is time for kids to go back to school.

The Lawhead Team hopes everyone enjoyed their summer break! It is time to get back into a routine and send kids off to school!

Here are a few tips to ease your family back into the school routine:

Start fun traditions – Having an annual ritual can help ring in the new school year and can be something to look forward to each new school year. For example, every year on the last night of summer break, sit around the camp fire and roast marshmallows talking about what everyone is excited about for this coming school year.

schoolMake back to school fun – Take your kids back to school shopping supplying them with all the latest and greatest outfits and school supplies.

Start routines now – Set a bedtime that will work with the school week. Make it a goal to set out all your school supplies and outfit for the day, the night before. Get lunches ready and breakfast planned the night before as well. This will make for an easy and stress free morning.

Create checklists for your kids – If your children have chores, make a checklist and keep it on the fridge. A checklist is a great idea to get your kids back into the school routine. The night before checklist can include setting out clothes for tomorrow and getting their backpack packed with their homework and necessary school items needed the next day. The next morning checklist can include getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast and so forth.

Plan out your child’s transportation to school – If you are driving your kids to school, do a test run before school starts to see exactly how long it will take to drive to school in the morning. If they are taking the bus or carpooling, make sure to have schedules planned out in advance.

Happy back to school time! We wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous school year!