Important: Why you should rekey your new home.

Rekey your new home to ensure safety and privacy from others who may have had copies of your home’s keys.

You just bought your new home and there is no better feeling than being handed over the keys to your new house!

Before you start moving in all your goodies however, you should rekey all your points of entry. The sellers, like most people, most likely gave a copy of their keys to neighbors, friends, coworkers, construction workers and/or house cleaners. Even if you are moving into a brand new home that no one has lived in, it is possible contractors may have your keys.

Every home has one and sometimes even up to a dozen keyed points of entry. Until those locks are changed, there is no telling who may have access to your home.

The keys to your home that may be floating around to a handful of people will still gain entry to your home until you rekey the locks. We suggest calling a reputable locksmith to have the locks changed instead of installing new hardware on your doors.

rekeyThis is for two reasons. One, it is less expensive to rekey the locks than it is to buy all new hardware. Two, a locksmith can rekey all your locks so you have one key that works to open all your doors.

Ideally your locks should be changed the same day as purchase. Rekey your locks and rest at ease in your new home!