The latest housing affordability statistics.

The Lawhead Team would like to share the latest housing affordability statistics for detached and attached homes in North San Diego area:

Housing Affordability – Single-Family Detached Homes

  • The percenhousing affordabilityt of San Diego County households that could afford the median-priced SFD home in North County remained at 28 percent in January 2015, according to the North San Diego County HomeDexTM; the affordability percentage in non-North County zip codes declined, to 38 percent in January 2015 from 39 percent in December 2014.3
  • The affordability percentage was 26 percent in North San Diego County and 38 percent in non-North San Diego County in January 2014.
  • The HomeDexTM housing affordability percentage for all homes in North San Diego County – single-family detached and single-family attached together – was 33 percent in January 2015.

Housing Affordability – Single-Family Attached Home Prices

  • The North San Diego County median-priced single-family attached (SFA) home rose 1.13 percent, to $343,000 in January 2015 from $339,154 in December 2014. Non-North San Diego County SFA home median price decreased 1.49 percent, from $329,900 in December 2014 to $325,000 in January 2015.1
  • North San Diego County SFA median price increased 1.78 percent year-over, compared to $337,000 in January 2014 – making 36 months of year-over price increases. Non-North County SFA median year-over price increased 14.04 percent, from $285,000 in January 2014.
  • San Diego County SFA home median price increased 0.61 percent, from $330,000 in December 2014 to $332,000 in January 2015, and increased 8.85 percent year- over compared to January 2014.
  • The median number of days-on-market for North County SFA homes sold remained constant at 30 days in January 2015. The average number of days-on- market increased, from 45 days in December 2014 to 51 days in January 2015.