Need some help with Valentine’s Day ideas?

Why not surprise that special someone in your life with a day just for the both of you!  We have come up with some great Valentine’s Day ideas, from inexpensive and simple to over the top memory makers.  Check them out:

-Plan a Valentine’s Day Picnic – Get away from the everyday hustle bustle you are normally surrounded with and sneak out to the country.  Pick up some food, fruits and champagne.  Either a beautiful countryside meadow or garden is a great place to set up your picnic and cuddle with your partner.

-Book a Cruise – What a memorable way to spend your Valentine’s weekend.  Completely getting away from life’s everyday challenges and setting sail to a new destination is an enjoyable experience for two.

-Hot Air Balloon Ride – If you are both the adventurous type, surprise your Valentine with a hot air balloon ride.  There are many companies all over San Diego County that you can book a ride with.  What a wonderful view you and your love can enjoy together above the crazy world below.

Valentine's Day-Make a Gift – Put a picture into a frame and spruce up the frame with different crafts found at craft supply stores.  Not only is it inexpensive to do, but it is a sentimental gift that no one can put a price on.

-Breakfast in Bed – Prepare breakfast for your Valentine before he or she gets up.  You can always add a personal touch by cutting the toast into a heart shape and adding a rose to the tray of food.

-Make Dinner Together – Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is not only expensive but over crowded.  Make dinner together while sipping on some wine.  It will give you both a chance to create something delicious together you can both enjoy.

-Propose again – Revisit the place you got engaged at and recall each other’s moments of joy you both felt during that exciting time.