Rental Scams Increasing Across The Country

Rental scams increasing. Rental scams have increased across the country due to advertising websites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and Craigslist. The Lawhead Team would like to share an article from that exposes a few key tips consumers and industry professionals should know: The Zillow/Trulia HACK of Scam Artists Recently, across the country rental scams […]

For Renters, Buying Pays Off In 3 Years According To Zillow.

Buying pays off for renters, according to Zillow. The Lawhead Team came across a great article about buying vs. renting.  Website, Zillow, explains for renters, buying a home pays off after 3 years on average. Real estate website Zillow has a provocative data point for every renter thinking about buying these days: That move pays […]

Highest Home Value Increase Since 2006, According To Zillow

Home values see the highest monthly increase since 2006, according to Zillow. It looks like the housing market is making its turn, according to a recent report by Zillow. Zillow recently reported that home values have seen the highest monthly increase since 2006. The Lawhead Team would like to share an article we came across […]