Housing Market Improving

Housing market making an improvement. The Lawhead Team came across this informative article regarding the housing market improvement within California.  Taken from DailyBreeze.com CAR sees state housing market improving, housing prices at 2010 high. LOS ANGELES – California’s housing market exhibited signs of continuing improvement in June, with home sales showing solid gains and home […]

Small Businesses Report A Comeback In The Housing Market

Small businesses play a role in the housing market. Within the housing market are small businesses that drive it and they have recently reported signs that the industry may now be experiencing a comeback. A few months earlier at the beginning of spring, real estate agents and home builders were reporting a larger number of […]

Housing Market Increase

The Lawhead Team would like to share an interesting article we came across about the housing market increase. The U.S. housing market finally reaches a turning point as home values will start to climb again.  It is time to buy!  Prices are at their all time low and it is a smart move to take […]