Spring is here and Spring Cleaning is in the air!

Spring is upon us and who doesn’t want their home looking its best as we come upon the warmer months of the year!  The Lawhead Team would like to share with you some helpful Spring Cleaning Tips:

Come up with a game plan – Jot down the areas of your home that you need to clean, come up with a plan and be sure to budget in time for distractions so you won’t get discouraged after just a few hours spring cleaning.  In essence, make a reasonable plan of attack that has at least a 98% chance of being accomplished!

Make sure you have your supplies first – There is nothing more frustrating than to start a project (or Spring Cleaning) only to find that you’re out of supplies.

Ask for help from your family – Having small tasks to accomplish while growing up gives children a feeling of accomplishment.  Delegate tasks for your children based on their age.  Or, if you wish, you can bring them over to their grandparents while you crank up the music and get cleaning!

Take on one task at a time – It’s exciting to get started cleaning and sometimes you may tend to get distracted with various projects throughout the house.  It is incredibly helpful and sanity-saving to work on one area at a time.  Inadvertently, piles of stuff will migrate to other rooms in your house, but those can be tackled when you get to them.

De-clutter Before Cleaning – It is frustrating to be ready to dust an area only to realize that you have to move 15 knick-knacks, 10 pieces of junk mail, broken crayons and wadded up tissues before you can get started. Save yourself a headache and get rid of the garbage and extraneous clutter before cleaning.

Use storage bins for organization – Instead of just dividing up things into separate piles that will likely get knocked over or mixed up, use plastic bins to keep them organized. Have a bin for garage sale items, items to donate, garbage and things that need to be returned to others.

Spring CleaningStart at the top and work to the bottom – Let gravity make your job easier by working with it!  Start at the ceiling by dusting the ceiling fan or light fixture then get all the spider webs off the crown molding.  Work your way down the walls, over the furniture, all the way to the baseboards and flooring.

Get a new look – Since it’s Spring, try switching out heavy, darker items out with lighter and brighter accessories.  You can do this with all the decorations you already have.

Come up with a daily cleaning schedule – After all your hard work is done, make sure that you have a good cleaning schedule in place.  Whether you need to make one from scratch or update the one you have, set small daily tasks that will help keep your house in order until next Spring…or until you decide to deep clean your house again!