Carve out your home office in any room of the house.

In today’s age, many of us work from home.  Whether or not you actually have a home office set up, you are most likely always completing work tasks on the go – whether it be from your couch, your car or your kitchen while cooking dinner.

The Lawhead Team would like to share some helpful tips to carving out space in your home for a home office. The following are areas of your home you can add an office to:

Kitchen: Create your own corner home office using furniture that blends into the room. Take cues from the counter tops: Pasta- and cookie-storage jars and spice and cutlery receptacles adapt perfectly to office work.

What You’ll Need:

Living Room: When you’re integrating home office into this multifunctional room, the first rule is not to let the work space stick out―aesthetically or physically. Keep to the room’s color and decoration schemes, and make sure the furniture doesn’t impede traffic flow. Make use of what’s already there (shelving, cupboards), and introduce elements (lamps, chairs) that can serve other purposes when the work is done.


What You’ll Need:


home officeBedroom: Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so make your home office work space as inconspicuous as possible.


What You’ll Need:


Home office information from Real Simple: