Are you contemplating selling your home?

Before you start the process of selling, such as making repairs or setting up open houses, you will want to set up a home selling plan.  This will help you get organized, avoid mistakes and help you get top dollar selling your home.

First come up with your motivation for selling.  If you aren’t committed to selling your home you could end up setting yourself up for disappointment.  This is a big decision that shouldn’t have randomly come to mind one morning when you woke up.

If your reason for selling your home is because you want a new home, which most are, make up a list of neighborhoods you’d like to live in.  Take a weekend to drive through them, visit open houses and become familiar with the areas.  By checking out prices between newer and older homes you can weigh your options and find out if moving is actually a smart idea.

Your next move is to talk with a Real Estate Agent, such as The Lawhead Team, and ask them to come up with a plan to market your home to sell.  They can provide suggestions that will help your home sell, such as removing excess furniture, staging your home, completing necessary repairs and so forth. 

Talk with your lender to find out how much you need to pay off of your existing home and how much you are able to qualify for the new home.  Just because you may qualify for a large sum of money for your loan, doesn’t mean you should purchase a house at this home.  A lower mortgage payment may make you more comfortable in the long run.

Make sure you sell before you buy.  Try not to get too carried away new home shopping before you are even sure if your home is going to sell.  Last thing you want are two mortgages!

Of course if you have any questions, The Lawhead Team is always available to give you a fair and honest opinion when selling your home.