It seems that in San Diego County, inventory of homes is starting to make a turn.

Inventory seems to be down in San Diego and buyers are out looking for homes.  If you have contemplated moving and need to sell your home, now is a great time to do it.  If you have been looking to upgrade to a nice better home, consider doing it today.

These last few years have definitely taken a toll on the housing market.  Those whom have wanted to downsize or upgrade into a different home have stayed on the sidelines because the market has been so unstable.  Especially with the economy on the roller coaster ride it has been on, many are just waiting for another economic bomb to drop.

That was a few years ago…the last few months have shown a pronounced shift in real estate within San Diego.  Buyers are now out and about and serious about finding a place to live and raise their families.  In addition, lender are getting it together and selling off the short sales that need to be sold.  Then there is the once in a lifetime low interest rates that are available to borrowers.  They don’t seem to be going any lower and buyers are rushing to take advantage of 30 years fixed rate loans.

Because the inventory of homes for sale in San Diego is at a critically low level, prices seem to have stabilized and buyers are out in record numbers. So what should you do? First consult with The Lawhead Team who can give you a current assessment of the market. Not only do you need to know what the potential value of your home is,you also need to discuss what you are going to do moving forward, if and when your home sells.

Many people in the move down mode are taking advantage of our current market conditions and are looking for their retirement home in areas that are still a sweet bargain for outsiders moving in. The Lawhead Team can help you receive information on properties all over the nation or all over the world so that you can consider your options.

San DiegoFor those who are staying in San Diego there are many move-up opportunities due to the affordability index being the best it’s been in years. While you will not necessarily be at the high point of the market and buying low like some who are moving out of the area, you will be buying at a time when interest rates may have enabled you to buy the home of your dreams at a monthly payment that is within your budget.

It costs you nothing to check out your options.  So take action. Contact The Lawhead Team and see if there is an opportunity out there with your name on it.