Sell your home quickly by staging it correctly.

When looking to sell your home, there are some important home staging facts every home seller should take advantage of.

Every seller wants their home to sell fast as well as bring top dollar.  In order to sell your home this way, careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home will send home buyers off to the bank to get the cash you need for your home.  The Lawhead Team would like to share some tips to staging your home to get it sold:

First, you will want to disassociate yourself with your home.  This is no longer going to be your home and it is important to let go of your emotions and focus on the future.  Soon you will be handing over the keys to the new owner and you will be making a move forward, hopefully to your new home!

It is important to pack up personalized items such as photographs and family heirlooms. It is important for home shoppers to be able to picture their own photos on the wall along with their own personalized family items.  As a seller, you want your buyer to be telling themselves, “I can see myself living here”.

When staging your home to sell, clean out your clutter!  Always use this rule: if you haven’t used it in over a year you probably don’t need it.  A helpful tip is to dedicate a day to cleaning out your home.  Make various piles for “garage sale”, “salvation army” and “keep”.  This will also help lighten the load for when you finally move out of your home.

Pack away all those knickknacks, books off bookcases and clean off the kitchen counters.  Remember, you are going to have to do this eventually anyway, so why not get a head start on it?  It will make your home more appealing to potential buyers at the same time it gets your packing done.

Don’t assume you can just throw all your junk in the closet!  Buyers looking at your home are making a huge investment and will snoop around every nook and cranny.  Make sure your closets are neat and tidy along with your cabinet doors.  Buyers are much more likely to purchase a home that looks, clean, neat and tidy because if gives the impression you, as the previous owner, took good care of the home itself.  Even if you have to rent a storage unit, it may be helpful in order to get your home sold.  Try these organization tricks:

When staging a home, de-clutter the furniture.  Pieces of furniture which block or hamper paths and walkways should be removed.  Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make your room appear larger.  Simply leave enough furniture in each room for potential buyers to know what the room is used for.

Remove and replace any items you want to take with you.  For example, if your great grandmother’s chandelier is hanging in the dining room, take it down before you show your home.  Once you tell a buyer they can’t have an item, it might make the deal turn sour.

StagingMinor repairs to give a home a cleaner and well taken care of look are important if you want your home sold quickly.  Fixing the following will ensure help add appeal to your home that otherwise wouldn’t have been there:

Part of home staging to sell your home is making sure everything on the surface is also spic-n-span. Wash windows inside and out, spray down sidewalks and exterior walls making sure to get rid of the cobwebs.  Vacuum and sweep your floors daily when you know prospects may come by at anytime.

Stand outside of your home and take note at what is appealing from the curb and what is not.  Does your home pop out, in a good way of course, from the rest of the homes on your street?  Remember, the exterior of your home is what a potential buyer sees first.  Freshly potted flowers are inexpensive and can add appeal to your home.  Make sure your lawn is mowed and your sidewalks cleared.

Need additional help selling your home?  Ask the experts, Marilyn and Creighton Lawhead, Because Two Lawheads Are Better Than OneTM !