Review of Creighton and Marilyn Lawhead.

We’d like to share a great review from from one of our recent sellers.

In order to provide the highest level of professional representation for the sellers and buyers that place their confidence and trust in Creighton and Marilyn Lawhead to satisfy their residential real estate needs, we routinely ask for their feedback upon the successful completion of the transactions.  The following review was recently sent by a seller to Jeff Hayes, Manager of Coldwell Banker’s Encinitas office, with a copy provided to us.

“We have worked with Marilyn over the past 12 years and most recently with Creighton, too.  Our property in Carlsbad sold at a fair market price among short sale competition.  I attribute this to several professional insights and experience from Marilyn and Creighton.  With a realistic market pricing strategy, flexibility when appropriate, counter-positioning when best, and an energetic and professional marketing plan, the house sold and closed promptly.  We attribute this to Marilyn’s experience.  Both Marilyn and Creighton provided much personal help while we were out of state during the selling process.  Furnishing and working with contractors both related to the sale and not related, keeping my car battery charged and looking in on and monitoring the property are examples of the personal touches taken for which we are quite grateful and very appreciative.”

ReviewLarry Myres, formerly Carlsbad, CA now Salt Lake City, Utah