Planning an open house to help sell your home?

The Lawhead Team would like to share a helpful One Cool Thing about preparing your home for an open house:

Open HouseAt an open house, buyers will carefully size up a home. Here are a few details to pay particular attention to when prepping for an open house:

Front Door – Is the paint chipped? Are the lighting fixtures covered in spider webs? The front door sets the tons for the rest of the house on whether it is a well-kept home or one that lacks maintenance.

The Smell – Every home has a scent, whether good or bad. Homeowners can become nose blind to the scent their home is projecting but newcomers will notice.

Plumbing – Visitors are undoubtedly going to open cabinets under sinks. Is there evidence of leaking under the sinks? Make sure the plumbing is up to par. 

Windows – Foggy windows indicate a problem with the sealing. Make sure the windows open and close properly in an older home.

Remember, no house is perfect, but your REALTORĀ® will help you find a home to meet your dreams and needs and get it ready to show off for an open house!

Source: REALTORĀ® Magazine