Need to brighten up the laundry room?

The Lawhead Team would like to share these great tips from HomeAdvisor to help you refresh your laundry room.

Laundry_Basket1. Add a Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Make your life easier by installing a wall-mounted drying rack. No matter the spatial parameters of your laundry room, a wall-mounted drying rack is always a good investment. A drying rack is also the perfect choice for silks and other delicates that shouldn’t be machine dried.

2. Don’t Hide the Hamper

A laundry hamper is an essential part of any laundry room. But, it’s probably not the first thing you show your guests. Ditch your worn out hamper and consider buying a new, more stylish alternative. Keep an eye out for a good-looking replacement next time you’re shopping.

3. Use Rolling Drawers

Folding laundry is something most people don’t enjoy. A set of rolling storage drawers can solve storage issues and keep your folded laundry neat and clean. Look for a set of storage drawers that can be pulled out for easy transport.

4. Install Task Lighting

A lack of light can make your laundry room difficult to use. Install LED light bars under overhead storage cabinets to gain a better view of the buttons on your washer or dryer. If there are no outlets nearby, purchase battery-powered LED lights. You can find these lights in most hardware stores and online.

5. Use Modular and Adjustable Racks

Chances are your fabric softeners, detergents, special cleaners and stain removers are cluttering up your laundry room. Make your life easier by using modular and adjustable storage racks. Whether you choose a utilitarian metal rack or a more attractive and colorful plastic model, you’ll increase your storage space and make items easier to find.

6. Consider Variable Countertop Heights

Adjustable counter heights are extremely useful. If you have a front-load dryer, a high countertop will mean less stress on your back as you remove laundry. If your laundry room includes a utility sink, a lower countertop is ideal for proper (and comfortable) use.

7. Open and Closed Storage Solutions

Open and closed storage options are useful in any laundry room. If moisture is a problem, you will want a closed space to store your detergents and other powders. At the same time, open storage makes folding dried easier.

8. Utilize Cabinet Locks

If you have children, make sure to keep dangerous liquids and cleaning agents locked away. The best place to store detergents and other cleaners is in a locked cabinet high above your washer and dryer. You can use the same cabinets to store your detergents, fabric softeners and other essential laundry room items.