Ready to update your interior design?

The Lawhead Team would like to share the following interior design trends from Coldwell Banker.

interior designRich Colors and Textures

The color of the year for 2015 is Marsala, according to Pantone. Marsala’s a deep wine color, making it a great pick for fall interior design. Incorporate the hue into your decorating by choosing throw pillows or a set of curtains that feature it. If you really love the color, try looking for an armchair in that hue. If you’re not a fan of Marsala, consider other intense colors, such as aubergine, rich blue, and mustard.

It’s not only colors that are rich this season. Fabrics are, too. Create a sense of luxury in your home by choosing heavy, rich fabrics like velvet or brocade for furniture, pillows, or curtains.


Metallic details, particularly metallics paired with something more low key, such as wood, are big this fall. While pretty much any type of metal will do, brass seems to be having the biggest moment. To add a touch of metallic to your interior design scheme, look for table lamps or other light fixtures made out of your favorite metal. If you want something a bit more subtle and temporary, try trading in your current drawer and dresser pulls for an upgraded version.

Bold Patterns

Bold and graphic patterns are also big this fall. The safest way to work them into your home’s interior design is to invest in a few throw pillows or pillow covers. A more permanent, slightly more daring option is to pick out a wallpaper in a vivid or eye-catching pattern. Use it to create an accent wall in a room or even to cover the ceiling.

A Bit of Contrast

Contrast, or mixing and matching styles lets you put your personal stamp on a space. It also happens to be a big trend this year. When thinking of ways to use contrast in your decor, think of opposites, such as warm and cool, light and dark, natural and man-made. Mixing metals with wood is an example of using warm and cool together, while placing an aubergine colored, velvet pillow on a light gray couch is an example of combining light and dark. For natural and man-made, try mixing organic elements, such as cut flowers or plants placed in concrete planters.

Some Greenery

The 1970s called and they’d like their clothing and houseplants back. This fall, the 70s trend continues both in fashion and at home. Houseplants that were big in that decade, like aloe, snake plants, and succulents, are making a big comeback this season. Fortunately for many people, those plants are also pretty easy to care for. Just go easy on the water and pick a spot that doesn’t get too much direct sunlight.