Stress free home decorating tips.

A house becomes a home when it is filled with friends, family and great memories. The Lawhead Team would like to share some tips to making your home a haven and a stress free area.

Create A Focal Point – When you or someone else first walks into your home, you should first notice something you love. It can be a piece of art, a vase of flowers or a special souvenir.

Organize Your Daily Mess – Don’t let things pile up at your entryway. Create a designated place for every item that enters your home such as mail, junk mail, your purse, shoes, etc. to make your home more stress free.

Create More Open Space – Clutter can make any space look smaller. Do you need all those end tables or picture frames? Painting a bookcase or table the same color as the wall it is against will make the room look bigger, more spacious and stress free.

Mood Lighting – Use dimmers and spot lighting to create a stress free mood. Having one main overhead light makes it difficult to wind down at the end of the day. A cute decorative lamp on an end table will help create a relaxed and cozy feel.

Stay Away From Loud Colors – When mixing patterns and colors, keep it simple. Too many bright colors or busy patterns in the room make it difficult to relax.

stress freeAdd Houseplants – For a peaceful and stress free home bring in a couple of houseplants or hang a mirror across from your larges window to maximize outdoor vantage points. Photographs of landscape also work.

Bedroom Colors – Use soothing and stress free hues like blue and green in your bedroom. If you do not want to paint your walls, throw in a comforter or throw pillows with soothing colors in them.

Reduce The Use Of Electronics – Remove televisions and computers from your bedroom to rest easier. The light emitted by these devices signal the brain to stay awake, thus interfering with a good night’s sleep.