Check out these helpful home tips for summer

Summer is almost here and The Lawhead Team would like to share how you can get your home ready for the warmer weather and summer guests.

Check out our top tips for preparing for summer.

summerGet the guest rooms ready – Make your guests feel welcome this summer with a clean, bright room. You can freshen up the guest rooms with new curtains, linens, or even a fresh coat of paint.

Clean and repair your window and door screens – Improve the air quality in your home by cleaning your screens. You also want to repair any rips or completely replace the screen to keep bugs out. Check out these tips for cleaning your screens here:

Clean your refrigerator – Since you do more entertaining and BBQs in the summer, it would be great if your refrigerator was properly working to keep your food and drinks cool. Check your manual for the correct way to clean the condensing coils. If your refrigerator has been around for a while it might be time to get a new energy-efficient model.

Install ceiling fans – Ceiling fans can help to keep your house cool and save energy during summer. Have the blades spin counter clockwise to keep your rooms cooler when you don’t want to run the air conditioning

Install energy-efficient windows – Ceiling fans and air conditioning aren’t going to keep your house at it’s coolest if you have direct sunlight entering your windows. You can install energy-efficient windows if it is time to replace your current windows or use dark curtains to keep the sunlight out during the hottest parts of the day.