Now you’ve made the decision to sell your home.

Here are helpful tips to sell your home and make your house stand out from the others on your block. Even if your neighbor’s house is identical on the inside, making your home sparkle on the outside will attract likely buyers faster than your unkempt neighbors.  Potential buyers are more likely to think the house has been well maintained and cared for.

There are some things to consider however.  First, what should your budget be in getting your house fixed up to sell?  We’ll be blunt in saying to spend as little as possible.  Although buyers will be impressed by the new roof you added to your house, they are not likely to give you extra money for it.  Simple things like putting a fresh coat of neutral paint in all your rooms and adding new knobs on cabinets and doors are inexpensive and will help your home look well cared for.

Take a lot of time and a little amount of money to maximize your curb appeal.  Make sure your lawn is cut and looking well watered and trim and prune trees.  Inspect your foundation, steps, walkways, etc to make sure they are not cracking or crumbling and ensure there is no peeling paint anywhere.  Is your front door appealing?  If not, try applying a fresh coat of paint to it.  While your house is on the market, it is a good idea to store beat up RV’s, boats, etc. elsewhere to help gain curb appeal.  It is a good idea to get second opinion.  Invite a friend over to stand out in front of your house and help suggest what he or she sees that could be improved to help sell your home.

In order to enhance your interiors appeal, give every room a thorough cleaning and remove all clutter.  Just this simple step will give your home a bigger and brighter look to it.  Repaint any strongly colored walls or dirty walls with neutral colored paint.  Repair any cracks or holes in the walls, moldings, tiles, etc.  Cleaning up the bathrooms and purchasing showy towels to bring out only when the house is being shown will help your house look well cared for.

If you have any questions or need suggestions on selling your home, contact The Lawhead Team.  With many years of experience, they can suggest the necessary changes to be made to get your house sold fast!