Is your home on the market?

The Lawhead Team would like to share how to make your home look like a model home with these tips from the C.A.R.’s “One Cool Thing.”

Wish your home looked like a model house? Check out some of the trends builders are currently featuring in their model homes to entice buyers.

1. Quartz Countertops

Although granite countertops have become the standard in may homes, buyers are showing a greater desire for quartz countertops.

2. More Windows 

Many buyers want to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, and they’re turning to extra windows to get that feel.

3. Wider Plank Flooring

Hardwood and tile floors are the most in demand, but buyers are opting for bigger plank widths and larger tiles.

4. Owner’s Entries

Model homes are also showing off “drop zones,” which serve as places for keys, electronics, and a central command post for automated systems.

Source: BUILDER “Top Showroom Trends”