Now that you have the keys and are ready to move into your new home, you might need some helpful decorating tips.

When moving into your home you have the opportunity to add new colors to your existing décor or start fresh.  A new home is a canvas for creativity and color but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming.  We’d like to share some decorating tips on adding color to your new home.

When decorating your new home, choose a favorite piece that will be the focal point for each room.  If you have a piece of artwork or rug, use that as your color pallet.  From there, you can buy accessories and accent pillows from the most prominent color in your piece of artwork.  You can also paint a wall the same color you have chosen for your prominent color which will coordinate beautifully with the focal point in that room.

Pick colors that complement each other for decorating your home.  For example yellow and violet are complementary colors that work well with gray neutrals.

Select neutral colors for the walls, as these are the backdrop to your house.  If your accent colors are warm like orange, yellow or red, using colors in the tan family will look best.  If your accent colors are cool, such as blue, violet and green, staying with colors in the gray pallet will look best.

Furniture such as a couch, coffee table and dinner table, are likely to stay in your house for several years.  With this in mind, choose furniture with a neutral color.  Plenty of color can be added with accent pillows and blankets.  If you are wishing to add a colorful piece of furniture, select a one of a kind side table or bookcase which will stand out and make a statement but won’t have to be the main focal point of your room.

Lampshades and framed fabric can help add color and interest to a normally dull room.  If you have a fabric pattern you love, you can find a simple frame to frame the fabric.  This is a great way to add color to a craft room or a kid’s loft.  If you have any decorating suggestions we’d love to hear them as well!