We love spring cleaning!

You can open windows, let some fresh air in, and ORGANIZE when doing your spring cleaning!

We don’t know about you but as much as we love spring cleaning, we HATE buying cleaning products even more, YUCK! And that smell of bleach, no thank you. We would like to share with our readers how to make all your cleaning products for spring cleaning. Keep reading for some of our favorite recipes:

Wood Cleaner – Equal parts olive oil and white vinegar, shake, spray, and wipe off. The oil makes it shinny and is a dust repellent and the vinegar gets rid of the germs.

Counter Top, window, or any surface cleaner – White vinegar. I use it straight but you can add water if the smell is too strong. A perfect inexpensive solution for spring cleaning!

spring cleaningShower/bath cleaner – This is our FAVORITE spring cleaning cleaner. Equal parts Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. Shake, spray, and take a break for about 20 minutes (the smell is STRONG). Come back and wipe off. Our shower doors look BRAND new every time we do this.

As you can tell, white vinegar is definitely our friend when it comes to spring cleaning.  We like to use it for everything. Now, if you have done this much work in a day, you deserve a drink!

Happy spring cleaning!