Father’s Day ideas for Dads.

Father’s Day is your day, as a Dad, to sit back relax and do what you want to do!  The Lawhead Team has come up with some ideas of things you can do with your children to have a great Father’s Day.

Find your all time favorite song/tune – play it to your kids and explain why you like it, when you first heard it etc. If you have an instrument and can play it to them – even better!

Teach the little ones one of your “tricks” on Father’s Day – could be a party trick, your secret method for something or a skill. If you have a young baby show them something that haven’t discovered yet, e.g. how to blow raspberries, blink or stack blocks.

Plant something that grows with your kids … like a tree or a seed, and make a wish. Watch it grow over the next few months / years and enjoy it every Father’s Day.

Let your kids dress you and style your hair (if you have a baby, dress them in something you usually wear and take a photo)
take a short time out and have some “me” time. Relax, do something you really enjoy or do nothing at all.  Remember, Father’s Day is your day to choose what you want to do!

Visit a place with your kids that YOU have never been to.

Connect with your dad in some way. If he’s passed away – visit his grave or find a memento.

Father's DayHave a water gargling contest with your kids.

Hop on YouTube and find a snippet of your favorite show when you were a kid – play it to your kids.

Light a candle for yourself or get your kids / family to do it. Pat yourself on the back – you’re a great dad!  Happy Father’s Day!