Fourth of July for the family.

Looking for some Fourth of July fun activities to do with the whole family?  Check out The Lawhead Team’s suggestions.

Fourth of July is a fun time to get together with family and friends, enjoy the summer sun and have some fun. If you are looking for something to do this 4th of July, consider these family activities.

Watch a parade – Most communities have some sort of parade, 5K walk/run or special event happening for Fourth of July. Check your city’s event calendar to find out what’s going on in your area. Many of these events require sign up in advance, so plan ahead. If there isn’t a parade in your community, you can put together a mini parade in your own neighborhood. Dress up the kids in red, white and blue attire and give them flags to carry as they march around block singing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Head to the park – Spend the day at the park, beach or lake with your kids on 4th of July. Even though the fireworks don’t happen until after dusk, there’s plenty to do during the day. Pack a picnic, bring a Frisbee and just enjoy some time outdoors with your family.

Brush up on your history – Teach your kids more about Independence Day. Considered America’s birthday, Independence Day is the anniversary of the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress — July 4, 1776. Independence Day was first celebrated in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776. In 1941, Congress declared the Fourth of July a legal public holiday. On 4th of July talk about our country, freedom and liberty. Read Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech, as well as age-appropriate books, poems and quotes about the 4th of July.

Create 4th of July crafts – Get crafty on 4th of July. Sit down with your kids and make American flag tissue paper wreaths, a DIY 4th of July banner and other creative and patriotic 4th of July crafts. Making crafts together is great for family bonding.

Host a potluck barbecue – Host a backyard barbecue for family, friends and neighbors. You don’t need to do all the cooking yourself. Make it a potluck. You can supply the meat and your guests can pitch in with side dishes, desserts and drinks.

If you don’t feel like cooking or hosting a party yourself, head to your local amusement park. Many amusement parks, baseball stadiums and other major tourist attractions hold fireworks shows, festivals and other events for Fourth of July. Kids will love it — and you won’t have to do any work.

If you have people over, check out these fun games to play with everyone:

Horse Shoes. Many people already keep a set of horse shoes handy for family picnics. If you don’t have a set of horse shoes check with a few friends. Iron horse shoes are a little more expensive than newer PVC sand-weighted horse shoes. For a true Fourth of July party experience nothing replaces the clink of metal on metal in a game of horseshoes.

Darts. Your BBQ guests will strike up traditional July 4th fun around an old fashioned game of darts. Dart boards are so inexpensive that you can set up a safety tipped dart board for the kids, and a regular dart board for the adults. Party goers can’t help but get caught up in the competition.

Fourth of JulyVolleyball. Volleyball is another classic July Fourth game, perfect for your mid-summer party. There is no need for a regulation field for players to have fun. A game or two of volleyball is also a great mixer. If it is an especially hot day, cut the water sprinkler on in spurts, or adjust your game.

Water Balloon Volley. You may think a game involving water balloons is just for the kids at your Fourth of July Part, but chances are the adults will not be able to resist getting involved. Pre-fill one hundred to two-hundred water balloons with water and set up the game like volleyball. Don’t be surprised if the game degenerates into an all out war. Who cares, as long as your guests are having fun!