Ideas for planting a garden during the fall.

When you plant a garden in the fall, you don’t have to only plant trees, shrubs and bulbs, but you can also plant a garden that will be full of vegetables that you can use year round.

Planting a fall and winter garden will take some time and you will also need to know what types of vegetables can survive in the climate you live in. If you live in a harsh winter climate, you may not be able to plant as many vegetables in your garden as you would if you lived in a mild weather climate. Do the research and find the vegetables and plants that will survive during the weather months and the freezing temperature.

Most vegetables will need about 60 days to mature and grow. Plan the desired vegetables that you want 60 days before you expect the weather to freeze or create a frost. After you plant your vegetables and frost and freezing temperatures come early, you can purchase a greenhouse box to place over your vegetables or you can also place a tarp over them. Keep your vegetables warm enough to withstand the fall weather and the temperatures that are created by Mother Nature.

Some of the winter vegetables that can do well are carrots and parsnips. The snow and frost that is on them will create a good source of water and will allow the vegetables to create a better taste. To receive fall vegetables plant direct seed carrots, peas, beets, spinach and lettuce in the first part of August. The cooler nights will allow the vegetables to receive a good source of water and will also help the vegetable obtain the crisp flavor that you desire.

The soil that you plant your vegetables in is very important. Without good soil, your vegetables will not receive the nutrients and organisms that rich soil has located within it. Also plant your fall and winter vegetables where you had your spring and summer vegetables planted. The soil already has the nutrients that you have added and has a good source of earthworms that help your vegetables grow. As you rotate out the vegetables each season, the soil will become richer and will help produce stronger and better tasting vegetables. Add compost and compost tea to your soil when you plant new vegetables. The organisms that are located in the compost and compost tea will allow the vegetables to grow quicker.

fallIf you live a harsh winter climate, you can also purchase small greenhouses that you can use to create a bountiful garden full of your favorite vegetables. Whether they are spring, summer, fall or winter vegetables, you can enjoy them year round when you plant them and allow them to grow in a greenhouse. If you purchase a greenhouse, have it located where it can receive nature’s sunlight and stay warm. The warmer and more humid a greenhouse become, the less amount of water you will need to give to the vegetables and the quicker your vegetables will be able to grow, allowing you to enjoy them sooner.