How comfortable is your dog around water?

The Lawhead Team would like to share this great article from Coldwell Banker to help keep your dog safe around your pool.

Some of the most frequent accidents occur when a dog does not see the edge and slips into the pool. That is why it is necessary to make sure your dog is completely comfortable entering and exiting the pool using the steps and will not panic if she slips. Help your dog always identify the stairs by marking the area with a large visible object, such as a plant, to help steer her in the right direction. If your dog is unable to use the steps to your pool, there are doggy ramps that can be purchased to make that transition all the smoother. Making sure your dog takes the steps will also cut down on the damage that the cement edges of a pool can do to claws and paws.

Another concern is the surface that surrounds your pool. The health of your dog’s paws should also be in the back of your mind if she is excitable and runs around the pool for an extended period of time. Many times these surfaces are hot, damaging and can cause serious harm to a dog’s bare paws.

It is loads of fun playing fetch and watching your dog fly through the air, splashing into your pool to retrieve her favorite toy. However, you also should be taking into account the amount of water your dog is drinking while her mouth may be open holding the stick or toy on her way to the stairs to start the game all over again as too much chlorine intake can make your dog sick. At the end of your swimming session, give your dog a rinse with fresh water after she gets out to get rid of the bacteria and chemicals that may be lingering.

If your dog will be spending most of their time outside, consider investing in a pool fence to stop an accident from occurring while you are unable to supervise. If you find the idea of a pool fence unsightly, an invisible fence is a great option. When it is time to close the pool for the colder months, be sure that your pool cover does not have any openings and is secured firmly.

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