What color to paint the exterior of your home.

Are you thinking of giving your home a new look? Maybe your paint is peeling and it is time to put a new coat on the exterior of your home. The Lawhead Team has provided some helpful tips to finding the right exterior paint color for your home.

Compliment your neighboring homes. If you live somewhere tropical, it is alright to pick a fun bright color to paint your home. However, if you live somewhere in the country or in a more rural area, use earthy tones like browns, greens and grays. Keep your home somewhat similar to what the rest of the homes on your street are.

If your home is on the smaller side, a white or lighter paint color makes your home seem a bit larger and the lot smaller. Darker paint colors usually make a home look a bit smaller but more substantial. A safe way to pick your colors is to select two tints or shades from the same color strip. Use either the lighter or darker shade for the body and the other color for the trim of your home.

Lighter colors on a porch make a home feel more inviting. White and light colors on windowsills reflect the suns heat and light. They also advance in space while darker colors recede. If a house is placed further away from the curb, painting it a lighter color will visually bring it forward.

paintCruise through your neighborhood and view other houses similar to yours to see what paint color you like and dislike. Notice the colors your neighbors have chosen for their home. You can also look at magazines and pictures online of different paint colors on homes to see what you like for your own home.