Top 10 Home Projects To Recoup Costs at Resale

The Lawhead Team would like to share the latest “One Cool Thing” from the California Association of Realtors on home projects that get the most return on investment.

When considering making a change to a home, most homeowners look at the cost of the improvement compared with the value it is likely to bring when the home is resold.

Here is the return on investment, as estimated by Realtors® of 10 projects:

Top10HomeProjectstoRecoup1. Entry door replacement (midrange) 101%

2. Manufactured stone, veneer (midrange) 92.2%

3. Garage door replacement (midrange) 88.5%

4. Siding replacement, fiber cement (upscale) 84.3%

5. Garage door replacement (upscale) 82.5%

6. Siding replacement, vinyl (midrange) 80.7%

7. Deck addition, wood (midrange) 80.5%

8. Minor kitchen remodel (midrange) 79.3%

9. Window replacement, wood (midrange) 78.8%

10. Siding replacement, foam-backed vinyl (upscale) 77.6%

Source: Remodeling Magazine and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® CostvsValue Report