When selling your home it is important to know what mistakes to avoid to get the sale!

 The Lawhead Team would like to share these common mistakes to avoid as a home seller from Coldwell Banker.

home1. Avoid using language by claiming a price is “the best” or saying a home is “ideal.”

Overly positive sentiment can make potential home buyers cynical, causing them to wonder why an advertisement is filled with overwhelming praise rather than concrete facts. While highlighting your home’s good points is common sense, work together with your agent to decide what to include in your house listing.

2. Make sure your property is readily available to potential home buyers.

While it’s a good idea to organize an open house, it may not work well with many buyers’ schedules. You may want to talk to your real estate agent to set up a secure lockbox outside your home, so he or she can easily show the property at times that are convenient for each home buyer.

3. Make your house appealing to home buyers.

Have a real estate agent go through the home first and specifically point out any obvious cosmetic issues. You should also depersonalize your home by putting away any family photos and other belongings. Staging your home may also be worth considering in order to attract buyers.

4. Include an adequate number of high quality photos of your home online.

Because most home listings have photos posted, buyers and their agents may wonder if a lack of pictures means there is a flaw with the home you are selling. It is also important that these photos are in high-resolution as grainy pictures of your home may turn away potential buyers.

5. Price your home competitively.

Oddly enough, pricing a home too low can be a problem. While a low price is attractive to home buyers in general, extreme or surprising figures will cause buyers to wonder what is wrong with your property and why it is worth so little. You should consult with your real estate agent as they have the knowledge and expertise of your local area and current market conditions.

6. Keep your emotions at bay.

Your home is likely to be the source of many memories, which could make the decision to sell very difficult. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is allowing your emotions to interfere with the home selling process. Trust your real estate agent to guide you so that the transition is as smooth as possible.

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