Caring for appliances and other handy gadgets.

Appliances, both large and small, can cost a homeowner a pretty penny.  When you are investing money in appliances around the house, you want to make sure they last and stay clean.

The Lawhead Team would like to share some tips to keeping your appliances clean and help you save money in the long run.  Happy Home Improvement!

If your home is like most, it’s filled with appliances. From big workhorses like washers and dryers to small conveniences like blenders and toasters, modern machines do our dirty work so we can have time for leisure and enjoying the finer things in life.

But these handy time-savers can end up wasting time — and money — if they’re not properly cared for. Here are some hints for keeping your appliances in top condition. Follow them to extend the life of your appliance and improve its performance.

To keep appliances shiny, wipe them with lukewarm sudsy water. Rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cloth to remove water spots. Apply a creamy appliance wax twice a year (more often if you really have that kind of time).

Handy Gadgets

Stovetop and Oven



Coffee Maker


Garbage Disposal



Washer & Dryer