Are you a San Diego Home Owner?

The Lawhead Team has a very important announcement to San Diego home owners.

You may want to make sure you check your mail in light of the fact that county tax officials will be sending checks of up to almost $92,000 to taxpayers throughout San Diego County.

A high number of property sales over the last several months led to the large number of negative reassessments, according to San Diego County Treasurer Dan McAllister.  This means more people will get property tax refunds.

The office began mailing out those refunds this week to San Diego County residents.  The total value of all the refunds is about $1.19 million. Those who get refunds will receive an average of about $672. The lowest refund is $10.04 and the highest is $91,935.  If you think you may be owed a refund, please contact the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Refund Hotline at (619) 531-5813.

San DiegoIf you have questions, you can also call The Lawhead Team, your local San Diego realtor.