Coldwell Bankers tournament winners from The Angels Depot tournament!

Coldwell Banker put on a charity tournament benefiting The Angels Depot and we came in first!

The Angels Depot is a wonderful organization providing FREE emergency meal boxes to older Americans living in poverty in San Diego County. Here’s a little more about The Angels Depot:

In 2005, The Angels Depot Founder and Executive Director Susan Hall learned that 50,000 San Diego County seniors live in poverty with inadequate aid to provide for their most basic needs.  Ms. Hall, a seasoned nonprofit professional, founded The Angels Depot on July 17, 2005, a 501(c)3 charity with no religious affiliation.  The mission is to provide food for the elderly poor living in San Diego County and to help improve the quality of their lives.  Further, the mission is to promote community awareness and support for impoverished seniors and to act as a conduit to other available senior resources.

The Angels DepotSeniors in need are men and women of the generations who fought wars, paid taxes and built this country.  They are proud generations who find it difficult to ask for help and yet, struggle to maintain their dignity and independence. 

To address this crisis, Ms. Hall developed the “Senior Food-for-a-Week” 21-Meal Emergency Food Box Program, a unique, simple and efficient senior feeding strategy that engages the community in solving senior hunger.  These Senior Emergency Meal Boxes are specially formulated to meet the nutrition needs of seniors living with food insecurity and at-risk for malnutrition. Selected food items are high in protein, fiber and folates with moderate sugar.

The Angel’s Depot strategy to solve senior hunger included development of the Senior Emergency Meal Boxes, Senior Advocacy and Community Education and Community Outreach. The implementation of this program included recruiting a corps of over 5,000 volunteers who have given over 30,000 volunteer hours . . . a huge source of manpower!  The Angels Depot is proud to count over 6,000 local supporters in their ranks, including donors, food drive angels and volunteers! 

The Angels Depot initiates numerous fundraising events each year and in 2009, started an S.O.S. Campaign (Saving Our Seniors) that enables the community to sponsor Senior Emergency Meal Boxes for needy seniors for $25 each, the hard cost of the food and cardboard box.  Since March 2009, the S.O.S. Campaign has raised $ 231,464.31 with the help of caring and generous supporters.