Simple tips to get more money for your home.

The Lawhead Team would like to share some helpful tips for homeowners to make their home worth more. Keep these in mind if you are selling your home.

  1. Improve the entrance of your home. Whether you landscape the outside yourself or hire someone to do it for you, good landscaping will give you the highest return on your money and will transform the exterior look and feel of your home.
  2. Brighten up your front door. This is the centerpiece of your home’s curb appeal. Paint it in a striking and tasteful color or you can sand it down and stain it for an antique weathered look. Finish the look with updated lights, potted plants and new door hardware.
  3. Make your front walkway pop. Install pavers or accentuate the look by lining it with lights and/or flowering plants.
  4. Clear, clean and update your foyer. This is the first impression people will get when they walk into your home. Remove bulky furniture, paint it with a neutral color and upgrade the lighting.
  5. Use rich colors to spice up rooms, avoiding the white or beige look. Adding color to furniture with throw pillows or painting the walls in a rich color will help to showcase your home.
  6. homeAvoid a major kitchen or bathroom overhaul if you are ready to sell. Instead you can install new mirrors, faucets, nozzles and cabinet doors. You will be surprised how much of a difference simple changes like that will make.
  7. Repaint your kitchen cabinets to refresh your kitchen’s look. You’ll be surprised at how a coat of paint will transform your kitchen or bathroom’s entire look.
  8. If your home is in need, new flooring can provide a huge boost in a home’s value without having to spend that much on it. Replace stained carpet with tasteful tile or wood laminate.
  9. Create an inviting backyard which encourages entertainment. Make sure your backyard looks like it is ready to entertain family and friends so your potential buyers can picture themselves there.