It’s back to school time!

The lazy days of summer are melting away and it is time to get back in the routine of school time.

As any type of transition can be a challenge to get used to, here are some helpful tips to get ready to go “back to school”.

  1. Adjust – Start moving bedtime up to an earlier time. Set up a school night schedule such as times for homework, playtime, baths and bedtime. You can also set up play dates with kids your child goes to school with who they haven’t seen during the summer to re-establish connections.
  2. Organize – Plan for the new school year before it actually starts. You can establish a “get ready the night before” policy where clothes are picked out for the next day and backpacks are packed before bedtime.
  3. School Clothes – Take advantage of back to school sales. Go through your children’s wardrobe and take out what they’ve outgrown. Also keep in mind of your school’s dress code when shopping.
  4. Nutrition – It is very important your children eat healthy while they are in school. Plan out breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week so you avoid last minute trips to the grocery store and/or fast food chains.
  5. Rules – Make the best of your time by setting schedules and priorities. Talk with your children about what extracurricular activities they plan to participate in. Make sure there is enough time for homework and family time.
  6. schoolTransportation – Plan ahead how your children will get to and from school. Is there a bus they can take? Will they carpool? Also make sure you go over the rules of stranger awareness and traffic safety. Also make sure your child knows your phone number to get a hold of you during the day.
  7. After-School – Plan ahead if you need to arrange for after school care for your children. Make sure your child knows where he or she is supposed to go after school and communicate with your after school provider a few days before school starts. If your child will be home alone after school, go over safety rules at home such as locking all the doors, answering the telephone, and when it is OK to answer the door.