Fun summer preparation activities.

Take a moment this weekend to get going on these fun summer preparation activities so your summer is a breeze!

  1. Add lighter and brighter accents to your home – Get rid of the winter feel in your home and add some fresh cut flowers. Brightly colored flower pots outside with bright throw pillows on your patio furniture will help create a summer feel.
  2. Clean out your freezer – To make more room for popsicles and burgers for the BBQ! Throw out anything that has been in your freezer for over a year.
  3. Get your summer-time party dishes out – Do you have accident-proof dishware? Make sure your blender is ready for margaritas and you’ve done your research on Pinterest for some yummy warm weather appetizers.
  4. summerImprove your summer breeze flow – Replace your air conditioners filter. If you have ceiling fans, make sure the blades are tilted upward as they spin to push air downward, creating a stronger draft.
  5. Clean your windows – Invite summer inside with sparkly clean windows, inside and out! Change out your thick, heavy drapery for sheer material that flow in the summer breeze.
  6. Pay special attention to your deck – Your patio or deck will be a main hangout this summer so why not spruce it up. Clean your outdoor furniture and add candles, flowers and pillows.
  7. Clean up your BBQ – Disassemble your BBQ and clean all the parts with soapy water. Make sure to disconnect the gas first!