Selling your home?

The Lawhead Team would like to share some tips on how you can save money when you are selling your home.

  1. Find a good listing agent – If you want to squeeze every dime possible out of selling your home it is important to hire the right listing agent. Check around and interview various real estate agents to find out who is going to do the best job.
  2. Price your home right – The longer your home sits on the market the less it is worth according to the buyer’s eyes. Price the home in line with comparable sales and that will get buyers interested enough to see it. Go tour open houses in your neighborhood when selling your home to look for trends and note what makes one home more appealing than another.
  3. Prepare your home to sell – Consider getting some work done to your home that has been overdue. It may cost some money up front but you may be able to get more back in return. Set aside a certain amount you can afford for repairs and sprucing up the home. You may want to consider hiring a home stager. If you cannot afford it, study some books on staging your home when selling.
  4. sellingExamine the fees – Make sure to study the list of fees buyers and sellers are expected to pay. All these costs are usually negotiable when selling. If the buyer is asking for 3% towards closing costs, consider increasing the sales price to compensate.
  5. Close closer to the first of the month – Closing closer to the first and not the end of the month could save a lot on interest charges when you are selling your home. Keep in mind however FHA loans are excluded from this.

Have questions on selling your home? Please call The Lawhead Team, “Because Two Lawheads Are Better Than One!”