Prevent a burglar from entering your home.

The Lawhead Team knows how scary a break-in can be. We want to educate our readers on how you can prevent a burglar from entering your home.

The following are 5 ways you are asking for a burglar to enter your home:

  1. Leaving evidence of valuables outside for those driving by to see. Just get a new TV or stereo system? Leaving the large box out in your trash bin is a perfect way for a burglar to know you the goodies you have in your home. Break down your boxes and put them at the bottom of your trash bin so no one can see your big purchases.
  2. Not bolting down your safe. Great idea to store any valuables in your safe – most likely a burglar won’t have enough time to attempt to break into it. They will, however, take the entire safe if it isn’t bolted down. What’s the point of a safe if it can easily be carried out of the home?
  3. Letting newspapers pile up in the driveway while you’re away on vacation. This is a perfect target for a burglar. If newspapers are piled up in the driveway and there are no lights on, BINGO, this is an open invitation to a burglar. Get some timers for lamps in your home and ask your neighbors to pick up your newspaper. We also suggest you avoid announcing on Facebook or any other social media sites you are away on vacation.
  4. burglarInvesting in an expensive alarm and never setting it. If you’ve paid money for an alarm system, use it! Burglars also hate barking dogs and loud neighbors. We also recommend creating a neighborhood watch with your community. They can help you work with your neighbors to improve security and reduce risk of burglary.
  5. Letting shrubs and bushes grow around your home. Poorly lit areas, bushes and shrubs all create a burglar haven. This gives them a perfect opportunity to not be seen or hide in the bushes if someone walks or drives by.

Do you have some suggestions on how to prevent a burglar from invading your home? Comment on our blog.