Must know moving tips from The Lawhead Team

The Lawhead Team knows the excitement of buying a new house however there is often a lot of stress that comes along with moving.

Follow our 11 moving tips for a successful and stress-free move:

  1. Pack a small overnight bag. You should include all your essentials including a change of clothes for the next day, toothbrush and anything you’ll need before you get your boxes unpacked.
  2. Items that you will need first, such as phone chargers, paper supplies, and trash bags should be packed in a clear plastic bin. A clear bin will allow you to see inside and also separates it from the sea of cardboard boxes with less important items.
  3. Save on bubble wrap and wrap your breakables in clothing. This saves room and money when moving! Use your socks to pack your glasses and stemware.
  4. Pack by room, labeling your boxes by room. This is especially helpful if you have a two story so you will know what boxes to bring upstairs.
  5. Pre-clean your home before the moving company shows up with boxes. Line your cabinets, put up shower curtains and stock the toilet paper.
  6. movingPack your plates like you would records. They will be less likely to break than if they were stacked on top of each other.
  7. Keep your clothing in your dresser drawers and simply put Press’n Seal on them. This will make moving your actual dresser easier and will avoid packing and unpacking.
  8. Use sandwich bags to keep various small parts together such as curtain rod hooks and screws for your mounted flat screen.
  9. Take photos of how your electronics were connected so you can remember where everything goes after moving.
  10. Save on using too many boxes by using your laundry baskets, hampers and suitcases to pack your stuff. Rolling suitcases make for a great way to transport heavy things like books when moving.
  11. If you have friends helping you move make sure to get everything packed up before they arrive. The worst is still having everything laying out when your friends show up to help load things up!